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Why adopt a shelter pet?

When you consider adopting a new family member, doubts may arise between adopting or buying.


Of course adopting animals is a good option. Why? We will review the benefits that adopting animals will bring to your life.


Adopting an animal is an act of love
To begin with, adopting an animal means giving a second chance after being abandoned. Unluckily, there are people who abandon their loyal friend once they get old, maybe because they aren't a puppy any longer. Sometimes, they are simply tired of the responsability it implies.

Adopting a dog or adopting a cat means to give a second chance to the adopted animal. For him or her, its a chance to have a decent living. After adoption, they'll be able to live in a happy environment, safe from dangers and threats. They will gain back their confidence and self esteem. They'll give back love again.
Adopting an animal will make you happier
When a family adopts it's also a new opportunity. The adopted pet is an inexhaustible source of love and gratitude. Can you imagine the gratitude it'll feel after being adopted by your family? Animals, like children, are transparent with their feelings. After adopting a pet, they will fill you up with their love, and will become a loyal friend, they will welcome you with love when you get home, and be by your side on your good and bad moments.

You will be surprised keeping conversations with your adopted animal: they're a couple ears always willing to listen and understand without judging. Adopting animals is offering your children the best playmates: they will never get tired. Likewise, adopting animals gives your children a sense of responsibility. They'll want to collaborate by giving food to the pet, water, washing it, and taking it for a walk (in case you adopt a dog) or grooming it (in case you adopted a cat).
Make a match with your shelter animal
Las but not least: adopting animals will give you the chance to see with one suits best for you. In the shelter you will be advised regarding which animal suits you best. Do you have an active lifestyle? Is your home big or small? For example, if you like to go out for a run, adopting a dog a dog is ideal: he or she will be able to run by your side. If you prefer staying home, adopting a cat will give you company while you're at the sofa.

Adopting animals is a very important decision and it should be underestimated. We must bear in mind that the adopted animalwill become a new family member. For that reason, if you adopt a female and won't be able to take responsibility of her future puppies, sterilize her.

Spain is the country with the highest number of abandoned dogs and cats. From Gosbi, we want to do our bit to change these alarming figures. We want to help so that adopting animals is easier for all families who want to do so, that luckily, there are many.